Trick Or Tweet: Top Trending Halloween Costumes On Twitter

The only thing haunting Miley Cyrus this year is her shocking MTV VMAs performance. When the former doe-eyed Disney star took to the stage at this year’s awards show in a teddy bear corset and, later on, latex lingerie, parents shielded their childrens’ eyes from her racy outfit and risqué dance moves and prayed their kids would never go out dressed, or rather undressed, that way. For better or worse, Digimind Social has found that Miley’s VMAs costume is by far the most popular choice for Halloween this year among the top 10 trending costumes, taking 48% of all Twitter mentions.

In second place was the classic Batman costume with 17% of the mentions, closely followed by the fox from Ylvis’ hit song at 14%, and Minion and Minecraft themed costumes at 12% and 9% respectively. Twitter saw a surge in mentions for these top 5 costumes on October 27th, probably sparked by the last minute rush to find an outfit before shops ran out. Hopefully the less popular but still trending costumes like Daenerys from Game of Thrones, a member of the Duck Dynasty family, or a 1920s style flapper à la Great Gatsby will still be available.

Either way, we fully expect Digimind Social’s new Instagram and Pinterest monitoring features to be buzzing with excitement tomorrow, as users upload their best Halloween photos from tonight’s Trick or Treat.

Notes and references:
Read the original and complete version of this article here: Trick or Tweet: Top Trending Halloween Costumes on Twitter


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